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Kato Shigeaki: Myojo 10,000 Character Interview "Stand by Me"

May. 26th, 2015 | 08:43 pm
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Kato Shigeaki: Myojo 10,000 Character Interview "Stand by Me"

In your interview four years ago (Nov 2011 issue), you said "Right now is period of preparation," but you were talking about your novel, weren't you.

"At that time I still couldn't announce it publicly, I'm sorry I couldn't say anything."

It was also already decided that the members would leave, but it wasn't the time you could say it yet. I remember that something about your expression seemed uneasy.

"That was a rough period. It was like, 'Why am I being interviewed now' (lol)."

Please tell us what you couldn't say back then, starting from what made you begin writing a novel.

"I guess I was 23. I was worried about, 'What is it that can I do in the group?' About right after LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! the relationship amongst the members was strained. The reason was that everyone didn't properly respect each other. Because individually we were going back and forth between being confident and the balance collapsed. It was a period where I really thought I was riding on the shoulders of the members. Therefore I thought I had to take some action so that I could contribute to the group."

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Koyama Keiichiro: Myojo 10,000 Character Interview "Stand by Me"

Apr. 26th, 2015 | 07:51 pm

Koyama Keiichiro: Myojo 10,000 Character Interview "Stand by Me"

The last time you were interviewed for our 10,000 character series was four years ago in May 2011, do you remember?


You didn't show any sign of it at all, but that was a rough period for you, wasn't it?

"It was. Because that was about just after I was told the two were going to leave."

Were you informed just suddenly out of nowhere?

"I somehow knew it. I had been asked by Yamapi, 'What would you do if I went away?' That being said, I thought it probably wouldn't happen. So the moment I heard the words 'I quit' I was bewildered, but I also thought that finally the time had come. But in regards to Ryo-chan I hadn't realized it at all so in his case it was sudden..."

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Nikkan Sports 2014.3.15 Saturday Johnny's: Tegoshi Yuya

Mar. 16th, 2014 | 08:54 am
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Nikkan Sports 2014.3.15 Saturday Johnny's: Tegoshi Yuya

This week is NEWS' Tegoshi Yuya (26). Together with Masuda Takahisa as the unit Tegomass, he is in the middle of a nationwide tour in support of their fourth album "Tegomasu no Seishun." In 2006 he entered the human science department of Waseda University. For the first time he has revealed that in his fourth year in the program, spring 2010, he withdrew.

      My positions in NEWS and Tegomass are different. Since I somewhat do as I please in NEWS I often want to speak in the manner of a princely character, but there are only two of us in Tegomass. In other words there isn't as much of that kind of room. So I need to push forward the proceedings and MCs and be steadfast at any point.
      I quit university in my fourth year. Until the fourth year I properly took courses. And on locations I studied too. But the graduation exam is extremely difficult. In the end I thought it was impossible to manage both the graduation exam and work. I thought about giving 70% to each, but I hate 70%.
      Instead of taking a complete break from work and putting effort into the graduation exam, I wanted to work as an idol 120%. Since working as idol Tegoshi Yuya takes up the largest portion of my life, I ventured to think it wasn't something necessary. I decided to do that because I was told I could return to school after withdrawing if I received approval from the university. I told the university that I'll definitely carry through because I want to graduate now that I've started.
      My goal when entering was that I wanted to graduate in four years, so it's really frustrating I couldn't do it. I admire guys who can keep good on their word. But I don't regret my choice. The current me wouldn't be here if I had taken a break for school in 2010, the year I withdrew. Since that was a tough time for NEWS, I didn't really have time to think about other things.
      As an idol I still have mountains to climb and I'm on fire. Because I have ambitions as an idol I want to bond with and learn from lots of people; I'll return to school after my attachment to being an idol goes away somewhat.
      There are many things I want to do while I'm motivated to press forward and only look ahead. I want to do a tour in other countries. Since because I get to go overseas for work a lot, I personally see that we're lucky to have fans in other countries. I want to release my own photo album. I want to do an event with an at-home feeling. I want to put together a rock band - I also have these dreams.

[Picture descriptions]
Tegomass: It's after a concert in Sapporo. Masuda showers before, I shower after. Since our paces, personalities, and perhaps everything are different, it's interesting. We also clearly separate our roles, so it's good isn't it.
Cherished item: My member color pink 3DS. I think I'm often seen playing it while on the road, and it really protects idols.
Personal time: I went to Nagoya at the end of January or the beginning of February. I ate hitsumabushi [an eel dish on rice]. I also walked around the city a lot. I love going on trips. If I have two days I'll end up going somewhere.
Work: For TV data gathering I went to do a report on the Greek team that Japan will battle for the World Cup. I really like shrines, temples, churches. I obtained power at the Parthenon.

// I hadn't even realized he never graduated orz. And this is the first time I've bought a sports newspaper in my life haha.

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Wink Up 2014.4 NEWS Solo Series: Tegoshi Yuya

Mar. 11th, 2014 | 08:24 pm
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I already posted this on tumblr a few days ago, but I figured I'd post it on lj as well since (maybe?) there are more NEWS fans on here? Enjoy!

Wink Up 2014.4 NEWS Solo Series: Tegoshi Yuya

A perfect idol, the 26-year-old's real faceー
In order to photograph the real Tegoshi, who continues to be a perfect idol, we set off on a day trip to an onsen along with a friend Tegoshi always hangs out with in his personal life. He also like animals, so with a cut of him being photographed with a cat we're delivering two shoots!

Impressions of the photoshoot
At first I wanted to go to a mountain, but on the shooting day it snowed heavily. We couldn't go after all and switched to an onsen, but if we had gone to the mountain it definitely would have been too cold (lol). The onsen felt really good. My skin became very smooth. Well, I guess it's because I'm with a friend I always hang out with in my personal life. It's fun, isn't it (lol). The friend who came along today is the person whom I'm with the most out of everyone. We generally eat meals together and he's the friend I get along with the best. (Friend: "He really cares about his friends. He's completely natural in private as well and since he hates doing things halfway he tries his best at everything. Therefore he's liked by guys and has many companions around him who would defend him if something were to happen to Tego.")  Really, even though he's older we have a relationship where I don't have to be careful, and we're together a lot. For things like NEWS concerts he'll come to see 4 out of 7. That's strange isn't it, coming to 4 out of 7 (lol). Having a friend at a shooting location...but it doesn't feel that different (lol). I tend to feel at home at Wink locations. I guess that's why? That it doesn't feel strange (lol). The theme this time was "my natural self," but even though saying these words is simple it's always more difficult than doing elaborately detailed photos. Although the photoshoot with the cat felt really natural. I like doing photoshoots. So much that I think I want to someday release a photo book filled with the things I want to do. But this time, I thought I'd make it a point to try to listen to the opinions of the editors 100%. Living on this earth, there are also many times when there is a gap between what one thinks is good and what other people think is good, in relation to music or anything. One's own opinion is also important, but after all the voices of "the pros of that path" and the view from the outside are accurate.

What Tegoshi Yuya has gained and lost over these 10 years
One thing I've lost is that I guess I now understand the importance of time and my "wasteful time" has disappeared. For example, I've come to think that even for the operation and timing of meetings we should do a lot in the shortest time possible. I think there are plans that are born from just chatting as well, but Massu's in charge of that (lol). Massu's the kind of person who enjoys chatting and picks up things from communicating with various people. Based on parts like that, Massu and I can divide up our roles. One more thing is that I've come to have an "on and off switch." In my teens I did things like going on trips with the other members and it seems like it felt like being with normal friends. But that isn't good. I think that I shouldn't say things like complaints and work troubles to the other members. If I depend on them like that I think it'll influence them when it comes to deciding on things. Maybe my saying this will be taken coldly, but really the four of us get along well and the other members are really important to me. Because of this I've come to think that I shouldn't mix it up with my personal life. As for things I've gained, I've been able to meet lots of different people. Out of these, the greatest treasure is the fans. I hear from various people that "NEWS fans are warm" and I really feel that myself as well. I think I'm really fortunate that I can hear those kinds of words.

Concerning NEWS from here on
From our debut until now I've always continued to think "it isn't good how it is now." In particular, right before we became a four person setup I had the two choices of continuing to sing as Tegomass or to go on as a reborn NEWS. At that time when everyone was discussing it I understood that the other members were also thinking "it isn't good if it's the same as it's been up until now." If those feelings hadn't been communicated there I honestly don't know if I would have chosen NEWS. But, everyone felt the same.  From here on forward everyone in NEWS will advance ahead without forgetting the feelings of that time...this is the most important. As for specific hopes, isn't our current method of expression to have many CDs and concerts? While continuing to value those as well, it'd be nice if we could do a TV program where we can express NEWS as a group. Since by my appearing in ~ItteQ I've changed both myself personally and changed greatly in the eyes of other people around. I want to have an even greater number of people know that "NEWS is this great group!"

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Inception dj scanlation: A Drop Filled with Memories

Aug. 24th, 2012 | 05:44 pm

Title: A Drop Filled with Memories
Artist/Circle: Side-i: Matoi
Pairings: Eames/Arthur, Arthur/Cobb, Cobb/Mal
Rating: PG
Length: 32 pages

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?d1h06qqekk18wra

Notes: It's been a long time since I uploaded anything new...half of this was done last winter and in the past few days I finally finished it. Enjoy :)

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